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chris 71 06-22-2007 03:53 PM

favoritie sculptures
I am learning a lot of stuff from reading different threads on here recently I discovered a sculpture Ugolino by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux mentioned as a favorite in another thread.I had never seen a picture of this sculpture before and what an amazing sculpture. I looked it up and read the story to go along with it. So I am thinking it would be really neat to ask for every body to list some of there favorite sculptures to look up and read about thanks Chris...

evaldart 06-23-2007 08:45 AM

Re: favoritie sculptures
Laocoon is my tops, Ugolino, of course, and Giacometi's "Woman with her Throat Cut", are a few but there are so many.

Merlion 06-23-2007 09:11 AM

Re: favoritie sculptures

Originally Posted by evaldart
.. and Giacometi's "Woman with her Throat Cut", are a few.

I got curious as I've never heard of this. This is what Tate Modern says,

"Alberto Giacometti's sculpture Woman with her Throat Cut (1932) is a powerful image of sexual pleasure and violence, despite the abstract nature of the work. The insect-like forms of the 'woman' are inspired by the praying mantis, which is said to devour its mate after copulation. One of the arms ends in a cylindrical weight that, according to the artist, was inspired by the nightmare of not being able to lift an arm to push an attacker away."

chris 71 06-23-2007 09:30 AM

Re: favoritie sculptures
Alberto Giacometti's sculpture Woman with her Throat Cut
This is very interesting I had to look at it for a while and that part of it was inspired by the nightmare of not being able to lift an arm to push an attacker away. I can relate as i would think a lot of us can to these kind of nightmares like the ones where you are trying to scream but have no voice i like it the sculpture I mean

Ries 06-23-2007 11:28 AM

Re: favoritie sculptures
I am a real big fan of Bill Woodrow.
I like everything he does, but his early series of taking found sheet metal junk, and cutting them up to create objects, always lights me up.

Here is one- the roman helmet is cut from the sheet metal of the car door and kerosene heater it is still connected to-

And another of my favorites is H.C. Westermann.
He was in the Navy during World War 2, and witnessed incredible death and suffering when ships were hit by Kamikaze plane attacks- it affected his work for his entire life, including his simple, but very powerful, "Death Ship" series.
Its really tough to find any of his art online- partly because for his entire life, he made his art completely oblivious to the "art world", and now that he is dead, they are returning the favor. I have a book of his work, I may have to scan a pic or two.
He was an "artist's artist" however, and artists all over know about him.
Here is a very sweet little piece another artist I like, Cork Marcheschi, wrote about H.C.

chris 71 06-23-2007 08:11 PM

Re: favoritie sculptures
Ries, Thanks for your post I was looking through the slide show of Bill Woodrow's work not really sure what to make of it. I am not an art expert in the least or even know that much about art. But want to explore different types of sculpture and learn. So as I was going through the slide show of Bill Woodrows sculptures wondering about them thinking I don't know if I get this type of sculpture or not I start to notice some really cool things about them like the weellbarell on the wall like some kind of trophy kill mounted there. Or the shovel and pick axe that look as though they've be torn right out of the washing machine by someone who needs to get a hole dug much more than he needs clean clothes same thing with the spin dryer turned bicycle and I liked the bat out of car door anyways after I really looked at these for a while I decided I really like them and now I think I am starting to see the talent in these pieces if you could explain a little more about them that would be much appreciated.And I tried to find the "Death Ship" series by H.C. Westermann but had no luck thanks Chris...

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