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Poor Garfield

This USA Today story carries a photo of the headless Garfield statue giving the OK sign. It was a clean saw cut, by apparently a relatively big saw.

Ind. town mulls headless Garfield statue

MARION, Ind. (AP) Police say someone stole the fiberglass head of a Garfield statue located near downtown's Riverwalk.

"I've got to believe that whoever did this is probably going to be bragging about this at some point," said Marion Deputy Chief Cliff Sessoms.

The statue is now a headless figure dressed in workout gear and giving the OK sign. ...

Dave Homer, who worked on the Garfield project, said the statue cost about $8,500. "All of the money was donated for the statue itself," Homer said.

The statue was put along the Riverwalk to promote exercise, wellness and riverfront activities, Homer said. ....
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