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Re: Gilbert and George - Art as suicide

I wouldn’t want to get into the issue of whether G&G are good or not, or whether they are just in it for the 'big bucks'. The 'only in it for the money' argument is a no brainer for me. You simply cannot know this, and if you object to the work, then offer a sensible critique. Regardless of what I think, they will end up with a place in the histories of British Art in the 20th century. (Personally, I appreciated what they were doing early on in their careers, when they began using the stained glass lines, and used the stained glass format in an ironic way (offering homoerotic and psyche-sexual material in what was a religious artistic format). This was interesting, and speaks of the 'religion' they have made of art. If nothing else, their love of art has been as fundamental to their lives as it is to us, which I respect.

The thing that astonishes me relates to G&G’s elevation of themselves to the status of art object, and Greer’s assessment of this. I don’t follow the critical assessment of artists too closely, but to see Greer offer this assessment of the psychological ‘death’ of one member of the team (and name the one subjugated) was, at least for me, daring, and rather chilling, if true.

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