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Re: Gilbert and George - Art as suicide

$206M (U.S.) found in Mexico City house

"MEXICO CITY Police have found $206 million in cash, belonging to drug smugglers who imported chemicals used to make meth-amphetamines, piled inside a mansion in a wealthy Mexico City neighborhood, officials said Friday.

Police arrested seven people at the house. They found wads of hundreds of dollars stuffed in drawers, suitcases and closets around the house.

They also seized six Mercedes Benz vehicles and two other cars along with seven firearms, 200,000 euros and machinery used to make tablets.

The raid was one of the first dramatic successes in a clampdown on drug cartels launched by Mexican President Felipe Calderon shortly after he took office in December."
The above quote is from Reuters
No artist should become self-destructive because his or her art does not sell, while drug traffickers have no problem amassing large sums of money. Why can't artists do the same rather than consider themselves as contented starving artists. Are people more thirsty for drugs than for art?
A true artist who considers him or her self starving, should never patronize the tobacco, alcohol and drug industries, as these three vices may lead to suicidal tendencies.
"Every time I make a mistake I fall into the abyss of learning something New"
claude montes
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