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Re: Gilbert and George - Art as suicide

Originally Posted by Araich
That's the thing. I sell well and for relatively high prices but what drives me now is a desire to engage greater and more serious content. This folly has lead me to spend ever greater sums on projects and burden my dreams with difficult and complex ideas.

None of this has made me happier, indeed it is the reverse.

The overwhelming indifference of an artworld that increasingly looks like disneyland, and a public who largely fails to pack it's brain when travelling to an exhibition, has made me reassess my motives.

The long hours and isolation that makes for the great art of ones own hand comes at a high cost. A cost not only to your pocket.
Fewwww Robert, hope you wrote this on a bad day. Just had a look at your website. Very interesting work, I know what you mean but I envy the fact that you appear to at least sell quite a lot of work. Believe me enjoy the isolation, I have to work part-time as a custodian in an Abbey here in England to try and keep the wolf from the door, keep a false smile on my face and talk to all those people about mostly innane stuff, those same people who would rather buy a wide screen TV than an original artwork...but thats life. I'm not taking your comments lightly really...just keep doing it and what does happiness have to do with it? Though I must say I am generally happier now broke and making what I want to than I was as an art director with plenty of money and making Sh!t.

And I bet the sun is shining where you are?

All the best
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