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Cement casting in Moulage Mold

I was wondering if anybody tried casting cement in a Moulage mold.
I made a moulage mold with a wax mother mold. It took 30 minutes from making the mold off of a Chavant NSP clay model to pouring the cement.
Don't know if the cement will set up. I will find out tomorrow.
Because I had to warm up the moulage I thought it might ruin the Chavant NSP medium clay model but the model was just fine and I could make another
Moulage model off it if I wanted to.
The best thing is that you can reuse the moulage 50 to 100 times and the wax as many times as you want. So it's very inexpensive and you don't end up with a lot of waste.
Two pounds of Moulage will run about $14 and 2lb is a lot of moulage.
Another nice thing the moulage is non-toxic.

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