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Re: How do I “warrant” art for the long term?

I agree with Ries for the most part as far as a long term solution. However, I had a similar situation I did with a commission for an illuminated installation for a temple. The electric lights I used were warranted by the manufacturer for three years, so I warranted the electrical elements for that same period. As it turned out, the lights failed after only a year. I pulled them and replaced them with new ones I purchased. I send the bad ones back to the manufacturer (Sunbeam) for replacement. They replaced them but said there would be no further warranty. The second set failed before the three years were out, so I had to replace them out of my own pocket (no, I don't have a lawyer, and it hardly seemed worth it as it cost me about $500 labor included). After the original three years was up the lights began to fail yet again. Thankfully, one of the members of the congregation who happened to be a handyman/electrician asked me if it would be OK if he were to re-do the lighting system with another type of electrical system altogether. I said sure, go for it — after all, they (the congregation) had to live with this thing day-in and day-out, and anything they could to to improve my engineering design (I am a stone carver!!!) so it worked better for them was fine by me. [one reason I don't like or do many commissions!]

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