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Re: New at the forum

Adrienne - I like these two figures, and the left one again expresses what I meant when I said some are reminders of student poses. Please don't take these comments about "student poses" as overly critical.

That pose is one I used very early in my own career, escept that I think the right hand was on the knee and the left hand probably was holding the left ankle. Work like this is good practice, and to realise another person has done something similar should be taken as educational and not discouraging.

As far as the two standing figures, how about giving us other views? The enlargement is good, but really doesn't provide better understanding of the concept.

And another question. I studied German as part of my college requirrements many years ago, and I wonder what you mean when you say "black clay" is a literary translation from Danish. The original was "schwarz ....?".
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