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Re: Cruel Eagle?

Originally Posted by tonofelephant View Post
Scrap, as usual you are doing great work transforming disparate things into a unified work of art. Congratulations.

Mack, my experience is similar to yours except it started in 2008. No small sales now except to a museum & a city government who bought outright. Larger sculptures seem to be the way to go. Thought I was the only one in this boat.

Hi and thank you Carl,
I also have not made any small sales for a few years and now rely on community organisations in small rural communities for commissions. I am thinking this may dry up soon . Not really a good time to be a full time artist but I am quitting my job and going to try because lifes too short and Im 57. and it will be no point whinging about missed chances later on in a wheel chair at the old folks home.
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