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Re: A Sculptor's Nightmare

Originally Posted by Aaron Schroeder
....I think it's a hoot, I just love those stumpy legs and those stuck on hands. If I tried my hardest, I could never make a sculpture like this, it's priceless.
Oh, Aaron. You are on, an admirer. You'd better contact them fast, the Southampton Club chairman. Perhaps they'll let you have the statue at the price of the bronze. They're thinking of saving on the cost of a new one by using the plinth and melting the bronze. See below.

You can then place it at your front garden to wave you goodbye in the morning, and greet you on your arrival home.

New statue would cost half as much

A TOTALLY new Ted Bates statue would only cost around half of the 112,000 which Ian Brennan's controversial monument cost.

The Daily Echo understands that if a new statue is needed to replace the one unveiled last Saturday, some parts of the existing one could be used again.

Specifically the six-foot high plinth - which contains 50 tons of concrete.

If the current statue is taken down and scrapped, it could be melted down and whoever sculpts the replacement could use the same bronze for the second attempt.

That would also save some money, while labour costs could also be less.

That's due to the fact another artist might not take the 18 months it took Brennan to sculpt Ted Bates.

The Echo can also reveal that all the money raised for the statue - around 112,000 in total - did NOT go direct to Brennan.

The Warsash-based artist was paid in instalments - the Ted Bates Trust have yet to sign off the cheque for the final payment to him - and the sculptor only got the money he needed for his own labour and materials cost.

Trust officials paid other bills, including the London-based foundry where the bronzing of Brennan's clay sculpture took place last week.

It is generally accepted that a new statue will be erected to replace the one which has been derided ever since it was unveiled. That could be taken down as early as today.....

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