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Re: A Sculptor's Nightmare

Apparently the committee had better things to do than oversee their project.

I have worked with committees that have a bunch of ideas or input at the beginning, and then once they see that I know what I'm doing, they leave me alone to create the work. Perhaps they may come to see it while in progress, generally more out of curiosity or excitement than a need to critique the work.

It is hard for me to imagine that there was no one either from the committee, the artists family or friends, a passerby, or an intelligent dog, that could not have said to the sculptor, " Hey, buddy, nothing personal, but doesn't that guy look like a dwarf with a large torso?" or " Ted baby, what's up with the tiny legs and wierd body parts? Is this supposed to be Mr. Potato-man?"

Aaron: You are too funny. But I was wondering on what planet this sculpture would have been considered state of the art?

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