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Re: 3 d sculptures

Digital modelling can sometime be a useful tool in the design and creation of sculptures, especially technically complex ones where a lot of planning, collaboration and visualisation is required.

However it it not without it's limitations and creating, even a very accurate and detailed model of something is by no means the same thing as a physical object. Not necessarily better or worse but definitely very different.

I do use digital modelling quite bit in my own practice and it's certainly a useful tool for getting things done and in many cases can be a helpful extension to 2 dimensional sketches and you can visualise things which aren't very practical in conventional modelling materials. Having said that I do find it a bit clinical and in no way a complete substitute for handling the physical materials.

Another thing to bear in mind with any media, especially when you are appropriating an established technique into art is that you do need to take the time to get to know and understand it and be able to take it further rather than seeing it as a purely a quick or easy way to realise an idea. I strongly believe that the practical problem solving and technical understanding that doing any process well requires is a vital part of turning a concept into worthwhile art.

Personally I would be wary of thinking in terms of digital sculpture, not because I'm precious about 'traditional' sculpture media but because it's such a different thing that it really needs a different term.

Another issue is that you need to think seriously about how you are going to display it as the display medium is going to have a very significant effect on how it's perceived by the viewer and it's something which doesn't have a definitive physical existence so some of the basic considerations of sculpture like scale, material and environment need to be reassessed.
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