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Re: Artistic goals of nude sculpture

If I had to state my principal interest in making a sculpture, I would say it is to create beauty. My subjects have varied widely; the female figure is among them. Political correctness does not enter into my work. I neither react to it, fly in the face of it, nor accommodate it. I do what lights my fire and I let them say what they will.

Several well known quotes come to mind:

"If God had intended for man to wear clothes we would be born with them."

"If the human body offends you, don't tell me; complain to its creator."

My work is also a subtle laugh at the world, at how seriously we take ourselves. The inability to laugh at ourselves may be the most dangerous threat facing mankind.

My life is a moveable feast of beauty. I love beautiful women, beautiful automobiles, beautiful boats, buildings, landscapes. I both celebrate it, and add to it.

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