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Spelling errors found on statue

This is a sculptor's nightmare. But it can happen.

Spelling errors found on Juneteenth statue

6/23/2007, LORAIN -- ''Coutny,'' and ''Presdient.''

Those misspellings are on the back of the bas-relief statue placed at Black River Landing during the Juneteenth dedication June 16.

The African Heritage Walkway Committee, the group responsible for the dedication, discovered the spelling errors located on the back of the monument.

''When we looked at it after the dedication ceremony, we noticed these things and immediately called the company,'' committee President Sylvia DuVall said.....

Kathy Fritsch, public relations officer for the committee, said no one noticed the errors before the dedication.

''When the statue was delivered it was immediately covered up,'' Fritsch said, noting that the committee wanted it to be a surprise. ''We had looked over the paper that was faxed to them, and our information was given to them correctly. We just assumed everything was correct.''

Fritsch said the company was very apologetic when they were told about the mistake......

Dan Pieffer, owner of the monument company, said he has yet to determine how his company will go about fixing the statue......
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