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Re: Silicon bronze sheet?

C93200 is a high leaded tin brass. With 7% lead, it will machine very nicely, weld terribly if at all, and probably be not much good for casting, as the zinc and lead tend to melt off before the copper is molten.

C95400 is aluminum bronze. Very hard, tough, and used mostly to make machined parts for bearings, gears, and other tough usage situations. Likely to be VERY expensive.

C95900 is not in my reference book, but should also be an aluminum bronze.

None of these would be very good for sculpture, if you are fabricating it by bending, rolling, and welding. Most likely matching welding filler rod or wire is not available, although you could try tig welding by using strips cut off from the plate itself as a filler rod. The C932 probably wont weld well, but the other two may be weldable. Not sure. I do know some blacksmiths have been able to forge some aluminum bronzes, but they were VERY good blacksmiths.

Silicon Bronze is a much better choice than any of these, unless you need a specific quality one of these has to offer- which it doesnt sound like you do.
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