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Re: a happier Drifter (swagman2 and lunch)

I like this too, it has a lot of "character",..takes me back to the days when , vagabonds,hobos, memories of some of my "travels", time I was in a small town, things had taken a bad turn because I had a wreck with my pickup, (fell asleep and went of a bridge),..I had everything I owned in the back of the pickup, it was totaled and I lost most every thing. Anyway, the local sherrif gave me permisson to "camp" at the edge of a park, by the river, so I set up my camp, and also started looking for work, in the meantime,waiting for the insurance to settle,etc.. The lady in charge of the library had hired me to paint the outside of the library, so I was happy, had a little work, while I was painting, another lady drove up, and parked, when she got out of her car, and saw me painting, she said, (in a very derogative tone) "ouuh, ugh, your THAT HOMELESS person!,aren't you ? ",.. well I did not like her tone, and I thought about it a couple of minuets, I have always known where I was going when I travel, I am still "traveling", through life, my response was, " Well no Mam, I am not "that" home less person, I have a home, in Heaven, and I am just traveling through". Boy you should have seen the look oh her face! She got so mad, huffed and puffed, said "well I never''...., went on inside the library, then later she left, not another word. The librarian, whom had hired me, did ask me,what I said to make her so mad, and I explained, she laughed, told me not to worry,.the lady was the town gossip, and trouble causer,...she also told me, this witch, had tried to tell her she had to fire me, that she had no right to give a "homeless person", work !...
Way off the subject, but I have always dislike the term "homeless person",..
This "happier Drifter ", is a work of art, and it makes me happy to see that some one "drifting" or traveling, is a inspiration ...
From Garry
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