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Re: Where Can I Find Saw's?

What is it you are trying to cut, and what does two inch mean or refer too as it is a little vague to give anything other than a vague answer to.
If you mean general stone I have used carbide and diamond tipped blades with running water. For flat paver's or patio walking stones I have used my tile saw.
Drilling for connection pins/epoxy a carbide drill. and grinding wheels for cement/concrete.

But not trying to sound like a righteous/snobby person you sound like you have to little working skill or knowledge of the tools nor materials. as you can hurt kill yourself or others in your working vicinity.

I will suggest a trip to a library or here.
A online catalog of member libraries and their books near you.
You might want to try Googling the subject matter for information and how to's.

As if your benches fail after install you can be held libel for damages to people and other wise.
been there done that !
I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
All the usual
and standard disclaimers apply. Do not try this at home, use only as directed, No warranties express or implied, for the intended use or suggested uses, Wear safety glasses, closed course, professionals only
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