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Re: Big names in contemporary figurative sculpture

Its a funny thing. I have had people ask me why is it all those greek sculptures were made without arms and missing body parts. I would then have to explain that they werent made that way but it is a result of the dammage that has occured to them over time.The majority of the sculptures having appendages that were very prone to dammage have shaped the way we view sculpture of the past. Its as if 1000 years from now another civilization were to discover ancient fiberglass Ronald McDonald's and think we were a clown worshiping culture. You have to look at things in context and I think that his work (I am glad to have discovered Igor mitoraj through this thread) is a interesting commentary on the effects of time on a work and how our culture of today views the cultures of the past. Also don't forget that alot of these wonderfully gleeming white marbles were painted with pigmented wax. I wonder what the venus demilos was doing with her two hands if she was giving the finger to everyone or hailing a taxi. It also reminds me of the work of someone else whom I forget but did a series of sculptures playing with the idea of lost appendages on the classial greek marbles. He made marble sculptures that imitated the greek style however the subjects were amputees. Maybe it is the same sculptorwho did the woman at trafalgar square I'm not sure. Anyways I'm enjoying all the names that people are coming up with and I have been looking at the work. So please keep them coming I would enjoy hearing other peoples opinions on who is a living master.
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