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Anatomy Sculptures-New Houdon Figures

Hi All,

Its been some time since I visited this sculpture community. I revamped my website (most of the main pages) and added quite a bit of new information about sculpture and technique.

After many years of tossing around the idea of resculpting/fixing the small 27" tall Houdon L'Ecorche copy that has been circulating and butchered for decades, the opportunity came several months ago to have my life-size version of Jean-Antoine Houdon's L'Ecorche digitally scanned and then 3-d printed. It allowed me to do a few things. Create two new accurate reduced sizes for Houdon's L'Ecorche sculpture, apply new research digitally to the figure i.e left arm, and to save sculpting them myself using my pantograph. 3-d printing isn't cheap but the result is fantastic.

The first figure is only 12" tall. I thought this sized figure would be excellent to take into the life model studio and use as a reference. Light weight, fairly inexpensive and really quite charming. The detail is amazing.

The second figure will be 28" tall. One inch taller than the old version. It should be available in June/July. You can gather more info, pics and contact me through my website at:
Kind regards,
Mike K.

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