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Re: Ceramics

Originally Posted by raspero View Post
Wasn't there an undercurrent of an inside clique ridiculing that which did not meet with their ideas of what real art should be?
Yes - waaaay too much judgement back then. Needlessly toxic when there is clearly tons of room in "Art" for everyone.

More on ceramics. This guy's work is pretty awesome in my opinion:

Originally Posted by Andrew Werby View Post
It makes sense that ceramics should be experiencing a revival about now. It's a medium that many of us have had experience with, and the first way most people ever get to work sculpturally, since there is a residual tradition that persists in rec centers and even a few schools. It's not that hard to set up a pottery studio, and in many places there are group studios that people can work in for a reasonable monthly fees. Compared to other media, like welding, stone-carving or casting in bronze, it's relatively accessible.
Good point.
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