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Re: Steel outside: to paint it or not to paint it

Aaron, checked you work on the bucket, you have certainly found yourself in your own place visually. And your versatility is sure to keep you good and busy. You surfaces are all very activated and I can tell they are nearly as important to you as form. A priority I might benefit to elevate in my own work. I suppose its the reason I initiated this discussion. I guess the labors of the forging, the assembling the hefting etc, deplete me as much as they satisfy me - to a degree that when the last weld is accomplished I call the piece finished. I have been very stubborn all these years in my refusal to give lengthy consideration to final finishing. I figured that by the time I went through all that trouble I could have been half way through the next piece. I aint gonna turn over a new "gold leaf" or anything but it might be time for me to grow up a little in this area. Thanks for your input.
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