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Question How do I “warrant” art for the long term?

I have a question for the members regarding the “warranty” on art. You may have read about the problems many collectors of contemporary art are having insuring and restoring works that were made of temporary or fragile materials, butterfly wings being an example.

A major component of my art is electronics. Electronics are going to eventually fail, what to do? Over the past seven years I have had two component failures. No problem, had replacements on the shelf.

While I’m still working in a local area it is easy for me to run out and fix things, but what about the long term, especially since I most likely will need to be dead to reach any level of fame?

Should I supply a second, backup set of electronics with each piece? Even that is only a temporary solution. Should I supply an owners manual, a schematic and layout of components? I consider the electronics proprietary, but does the interest of the buyer and subsequent buyers over rule my own interests?

Does replacing the original electronics compromise the value of the work? How does one track provenance in the event of “upgrades”? How does a second or third owner protect or enhance the value of the work?
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