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Hello everybody,
this is my first message on this board. As my nickname says, I'm mostly a figurative art fan, and in particular of sculptures in marble and bronze statues.

Some time ago I was presented to an artist living in Italy, almost unknown (at least to me), and I was really impressed of his works. His name is Jeroen Vermeire, in case somebody ever heard of him.
I see he also has a couple pages on the web.

Now, I'm here to get some feedback from this community to know if I made a good investment (I bought a bronze statue) and if you appreciate his works as much as I do.

I think a good link about him is this: facebook page

All your comments appreciated, also info about similar artists!
Thanks a lot in advance.

I'll also add a picture of the statue I bought (still have to find a good place for it):

Max di G.

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