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Re: Your opinion about this artist

I looked at the artist's FB photos and what I saw did not move me. There were some female figures with proportions skewed in some places which did not make much sense, and poses that expressed nothing to me. There was a marble piece that was pretty decent, but again nothing that I have not seen done better elsewhere.

What matters about your investment is whether or not the sculpture moves you. If this is a piece that inspires you and activates your imagination and gives you an aesthetic or other thrill to look at, it was a great investment. For me, finding a work by an Italian sculptor from 100 years ago, Leonardo Bistolfi, would be a great investment (if I could afford it) because his work really moves me.

It is all very subjective and the only thing that should matter to you regarding the investment is what your opinion of the piece is. There are so many ways to waste money but having an inspiring work of art in your home or office always pays back dividends in improving the quality of your life.
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