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Re: Your opinion about this artist

Originally Posted by fritchie View Post
For the Community's information: I got an email this morning from the original purchaser of this sculpture, asking that the posts be removed at the request of the artist. I'll email him back that it is not our policy to do that. It is informative to see the much later progress of this, however.
When I entered this forum the few rules to accept did not mention the impossibility to edit or remove our own content (later on I discovered this ability was temporary); please point me to a policy which I have agreed on which mentions this.

I was kindly asked by that artist which I deeply respect to preferrably remove my original post from this forum or otherwise remove references to him from my posts; I don't have problems with doing this, and I thought it was my content. And I would like to keep a good relationship with him.
Therefore, and being unable to do it myself, I asked the moderators to act accordingly, and help me correct my mistake.

I did not get your email; I'd prefer to discuss this issue privately if possible.
Originally Posted by Nelson View Post
This is as subjective as liking or not certain sculpture. A true artist would NOT ask to remove comments from any forum, as harsh as they may seem.
Debating, arguing, critics and more are all part of the art world. One`s either in or out...
Who is it that decides what a "true" artist should want?

I can understand he wants to be out of this discussion, as one picture, as good or bad as it may be taken, never shows a tridimentional figure in its true aspect, let be a piece of art; plus my opinion does not say anything about his vision either. While I have seen his works personally, most people judging here probably did not.

For anything else, please contact me by email (maxdigiov gmail com) ; I'll be glad to respond.
Max D.G., figurative arts lover.
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