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Re: Your opinion about this artist

Originally Posted by figurative@rt View Post

I was kindly asked by that artist which I deeply respect to preferrably remove my original post from this forum or otherwise remove references to him from my posts; I don't have problems with doing this, and I thought it was my content. And I would like to keep a good relationship with him.
Therefore, and being unable to do it myself, I asked the moderators to act accordingly, and help me correct my mistake.

Who is it that decides what a "true" artist should want?

I can understand he wants to be out of this discussion, as one picture, as good or bad as it may be taken, never shows a tridimentional figure in its true aspect, let be a piece of art; plus my opinion does not say anything about his vision either. While I have seen his works personally, most people judging here probably did not.
You initiated this thread specifically asking for opinions regarding this artist. Had the responses all been positive, would the artist be asking to remove the post? You refer to your post as a mistake...does that mean you were originally prepared to remove the thread if you did not get the response you had hoped for?

I agree that a declaration of what a "true artist would want" is assuming too much. Artists have all sorts of temperments, which may or may not include being receptive to the opinions of others. All we can conjecture thus far is that the artist is not interested in opinions that do not reinforce his particular vision.

It is disrespectful of our intelligence and sensitivity as artists to assume that the opinions rendered here can be dismissed on the basis of being made only from seeing a faulty or incomplete photographic view. First, that was what was provided when the opinion was asked for. Again, had the responses all been positive, would you have bothered to make this assertion?

Second, you provided the artist's facebook link which has numerous images including multiple views of certain sculptures. This is the presentation that the artist has assembled to show his work to the world. If that visual information is incomplete, the fault is not with the viewer. I for one took the time to examine these works before giving my honest opinion.

Third, most members of this forum are professional sculptors who are quite familiar with the limitations of communicating the essence of a sculpture photographically. I believe we have a better insight than your average viewer in understanding what we are looking at. That is what this forum is about, an exchange of ideas, opinions, learning, and perspectives from fellow professionals. You can expect a range of honest and often conflicting opinions here. In like manner, I would not have made my same comments on the artist's own facebook page, because I understand that artists are using such pages in part to help market their work, so there it is best to either keep things positive or remain silent, unless an honest critique is specifically asked for as seemed to be the case, at least initially, on this thread.

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