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Re: Your opinion about this artist

So if I read it right Evaldart, according to you critique happens solely when a discourse has occurred, visually on one side followed verbally, preferblablably by the two parties? I might interpret the words wrongly out of lack of intonation, but I disagree. Can I? (you can still be right though, I'm young and open to ideas, but for now, still NO, )
I did think of my opinion to be honest (perhaps not true, but true for me) and didn't have any intentions of delivering a cheap shot. Let alone being hurtful. I can't understand why every single person in this "holy bible" was saying "Inspiring,... great work" and not a single person "I find the piece you show awkward and not especially well-made". I just evened out the balance as not to have another disillusioned soul wandering around who thinks he/she can walk on water. The gallery probably ripped out my comment before it could have done any good and the person might have drowned as we speak.
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