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Re: favoritie sculptures

I am a real big fan of Bill Woodrow.
I like everything he does, but his early series of taking found sheet metal junk, and cutting them up to create objects, always lights me up.

Here is one- the roman helmet is cut from the sheet metal of the car door and kerosene heater it is still connected to-

And another of my favorites is H.C. Westermann.
He was in the Navy during World War 2, and witnessed incredible death and suffering when ships were hit by Kamikaze plane attacks- it affected his work for his entire life, including his simple, but very powerful, "Death Ship" series.
Its really tough to find any of his art online- partly because for his entire life, he made his art completely oblivious to the "art world", and now that he is dead, they are returning the favor. I have a book of his work, I may have to scan a pic or two.
He was an "artist's artist" however, and artists all over know about him.
Here is a very sweet little piece another artist I like, Cork Marcheschi, wrote about H.C.
Been There.
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