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Re: favoritie sculptures

Ries, Thanks for your post I was looking through the slide show of Bill Woodrow's work not really sure what to make of it. I am not an art expert in the least or even know that much about art. But want to explore different types of sculpture and learn. So as I was going through the slide show of Bill Woodrows sculptures wondering about them thinking I don't know if I get this type of sculpture or not I start to notice some really cool things about them like the weellbarell on the wall like some kind of trophy kill mounted there. Or the shovel and pick axe that look as though they've be torn right out of the washing machine by someone who needs to get a hole dug much more than he needs clean clothes same thing with the spin dryer turned bicycle and I liked the bat out of car door anyways after I really looked at these for a while I decided I really like them and now I think I am starting to see the talent in these pieces if you could explain a little more about them that would be much appreciated.And I tried to find the "Death Ship" series by H.C. Westermann but had no luck thanks Chris...
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