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Re: Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer sculpts

Hey Jason, I'm looking at the commercial side of sculpture as a way to have a day job that pays for my fine art. I really don't want to go back into construction, so I'm looking for anything sculpture related that I could get paid for. I also find the challenge of sculpting smaller and much more detailed, to be quite enjoyable. It's something that I think will really benefit my fine art, because I'm working much faster than I did before (and I was already pretty fast), and I can get detail and a likeness on a small face. This will translate well once I sculpt bigger stuff for my fine art side. I will never stop being a fine art sculptor, the pull to those themes and the works in my head are too strong of a calling for me to ignore. It's just nice trying to find work doing something that I enjoy so much.
By the way, I've been selected as an alternate for the NSS figure sculpting competition this year. I think I'll know for sure by the end of the first week in May. I hope I get a chance to compete. I'm so much faster and accurate now that I really think i stand a good chance at placing high in the rankings.


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