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Re: Your opinion about this artist

Originally Posted by mavigogun View Post
If you aren't failing, then you aren't trying- at least, nothing beyond hitherto accomplished... Oh, I'm not suggesting that you close your critical eye- only that your attempts to deflect when the focus is on you are failing -badly.

Perhaps I'm failing (badly), at least I'm trying. A wise person once told me this
I know you don't mean it like that Mavigogun, I just couldn't pass up on the twister. But fair enough, I felt the focus on me as somewhat magnifying and concentrating to such a degree that it was giving a burning sensation. Perhaps I shouldn't eat too spicy. I'm possibly bad in interpreting Evaldart, though I can't help but feel that he doesn't bother to read what I have to say, and instead calls me irresponsible and weak. Dig,... I'm pretty sure that's where my childish reply found it's root. But hey, I am still a child, so at least, I have an excuse. Perhaps not.

Evaldart, I suppose a true sculptor will bag it when he's in the bag, so I do hope you'll keep creating (compliment).

And Mavigogun, you may call me Emanuel or by my other middle name Florent. I like the name Adolphine, since you can read it as "a dolphine" a gentle and intelligent creature. I guess the subliminal strength of the word couldn't stand up to my excellence in playing nintendo.

Fritchie, sorry to change the position of your footnote.
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