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Personally, I do not like the idea of making virtual sculptures. It is strictly personal. There is no feel to it. I like to actually feel the materials when I work.
I always worked, mostly part time but also as a teacher in Drafting. I spent years board drafting - pencils on paper. In 1990 I was invited to learn computer drafting so I learned AutoCAD and have been teaching it and doing it for money ever since.
The problem is, after 24 years on the computer I still miss the feel of the pencil on the paper. Computers remove us from the real world that way. The tactile sense is missing. That is acceptable in drafting as it is a means to making money. But I will not sacrifice the tactile sense of making sculpture. Necessary is the feel of the clay and wax on my hands, The feel of the sculpture as I run my hands over it, the smell of the materials, the feeling in my hands and body as I manhandle the red hot steel bars, as I weld steel to steel, the feel of the wood and stone and even the entire ambience of the sculpture studio. Even getting the occasional splinter is part of the artistic experience. I will not give all that up.
I cannot speak for other artists, just for myself. Everyone is different. But digital sculpture is not for me.
BUT, on the other hand, I can see making a piece of sculpture the traditional way and then duplicating it by scanning and then printing it in 3-D using the new machines and materials that do all this. I like to use multiple figures in my diorama- like art pieces and scanning and printing would be a good way of doing that. Yes I could make molds and cast duplicate pieces in the traditional ways but I do not like to do that. If I do not enjoy a technique I do not do it. I am a hedonist in that respect - I do what I like to do and I do what I do because I do it.
Stephen Auslender
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