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Re: 3 d sculptures

I believe that the use of 3d scanning and the subsequent manipulation of the image for use in re-developing the original sculpture is a valid practice in todays world of 21st century sculpture.

This is to say,
1) You make an original sculpture using wax, clay, plaster, steel or other material.

2) You take a 3d scan of that original sculpture.

3) You manipulate the resulting digital image, changing it digitally from the original sculpture and then...

4) You create a copy of that manipulated image by 3d printing or using foam and having a copy carved in that foam by computerized router, or like method.

5) You then use the new printed or foam image to sand cast, or take a mold if you wish to make an edition of the new manipulated work.
( I would sand cast as i have taken to only making unique pieces.)

You have to admit that this is a defendable use of 3d scanning for the purpose of making original fine art.

Otherwise, if you are taking a 3d scan of a person and then using the resulting image to cast that image you are making an expensive body cast,
and then it is simply a body cast.

Defined (by me) as:
(A copy made through a technical process that requires or is subject to no, or very little, creative input or manipulation from an artist or person.)

Then you will run into the type of resistance that has been fully discussed on this forum over the years.

Your thoughts fellow sculptors?
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