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Re: Artist defends surfing sculpture amid criticism

The problem is the commissioning process. It's backwards. Some where along the line people figured that the design/maquette process was less important than the fabrication of the art. Individuals and organizations arrived at the notion that artist can successfully design work for free or a small nominal honorarium. The percent for art programs are particularly stupid. Most organizations expect artist to design a great work of art for a thousand bucks. Then every one shakes their heads in amazement when the public has a problem with the final piece. What did they expect for a grand.

The way it should work is an artist is selected then empowered to develop however many drawings and models it takes to arrive at something that's worth the trouble of fabricating full scale. It's impossible to do life cast on a small scale ( unless of course you know some munchkins ). The models should be made then displayed and discussed for a period of time. If problems are going to happen they should happen before the final work is executed. Sculptors should be given much more money during the design phaze of a commission. Enough money to focus for a number of months on exploring, defining and refining the numerous parameters around an idea and it's ideal depiction. Percent for art programs should be giving sculptors at least ten percent of the overall budget upfront .

I mention these ideas here in the sculpture forum because for to long the folks putting us to work have dictated the terms of the commissioning process. We should collectivelly be turning the tide to reflect our methods and modes of conduct. More money and more time and more community involement upfront would probably more often than not result in better concieved and designed work.

I'm prone to wishful, delusional question the idea that a greater investment in the design phaze of a project would result in better work and less public controversy. What do you all think ? Would the surfing sculpture have been better if they had taken more time and invested more money upfront ?
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