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Re: Artist defends surfing sculpture amid criticism

This has nothing to do with body casting or technique. This is a sculpture describing a surf sub-culture. The problem is that any surfer sees the pose as goofy. It is not disturbing to to non-surfer or beginner surfer. Surfing has almost everything to do with stance on a surfboard....a surfer can pick out a style of a person a mile away just by their stance. This is a very important aspect to sculpting a surfer. Just as a sculpture of a bullfighter would not be crouched to receive a horn in the behind. Every arm, hand, knee-bend is crucial and construed as important to style and content. In life sculpture and surf style there is a great mixture of art and life. It is so sad that this great art form of life sculpture of a surfing monument has not inspired and given aesthetic experiences to all who see it. Which is what great art can do. The wave should be added and the sculpture repositioned the way the artist intended. It will not be like the smaller sculptures but it will be closer to the idea. I just hope this does not deter cities from constructing bronze surf life-sculptures. It is a challenge but someone needs to design the masterpiece of the California surfer.
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