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Old 11-23-2004, 01:15 PM
jvc stone jvc stone is offline
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a gentle heads up

Thought that I would pass on some information about a new money scam that is going on. Several of us in the TSOS have been approached about the purchase of a particular piece of sculpture. The initial approach comes in the form of a telephone relay call such as the connection the hearing impaired would use. Particulars in my case;
Told caller piece was for sale for $2400.00, reply was that caller would send payment of $5500.00 and would I foreward balance to shipping company. Told caller that that sounded rather strange, would he please email me direct with more information. Decided to play along, recieved "cashier's check" in mail yesterday. Immediately red flags go up as the letter was mailed from London,England but the check was from some little country bank in Missouri. My bank has confirmed that it is a counterfit check. Irony is that I just recieved another relay call from the "Art Buyer" (name given is Daniel Random) . He was very upset when I told him that the bank was processing the check, and I would comply with his instructions once the funds were deposited in my account. He insisted that I go back to the bank, get the check and take it to a check cashing store where I would get the funds immediately. Just told him I did not do business that way, and he needed to wait for the check to clear. End of conversation.
Meanwhile all of the information I have gathered has been passed onto local authorities in hopes of at least shutting down this one individual.
Thought that I would pass this on as for some of us, the opportunity to sell a piece of sculpture is sometimes too good to be true.
John VanCamp / JVC Stoneworks

PS if this is not appropriate to this forum, would the moderator please move it to the proper place.

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Old 11-23-2004, 07:44 PM
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Re: a gentle heads up; Many thanks!

Congratulations on your actions, John, both with regard to the check and to posting this warning. I think the message is fine here, but if Russ moves it, that's good, too.

Everyone else: If anyone runs into anything similar, please pass along the message immediately! That's an especially valuable purpose of this forum.

P.S., and not especially relevant here - I saw a scam start to unfold at a restaurant I frequent about two days ago and called one of the waiters aside to warn him, but they already had the matter under control. Some people just don't get the message that honesty is best.

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