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obseq 06-09-2007 07:30 PM

Sell your city!
Do you consider your city to be an ideal location for a sculptor to live and work? Similarly, if you live in a city with an undeserved reputation as a veritable haven for sculptors, be sure to share your grievances.

Some of the factors of consideration may include:

-Cost of living
-Cost of suitable studio access for both small and large-scale work
-Need of a vehicle
-Ease of finding a decent day-job, if necessary
-Enviroment (To clarify, I can see certain cities as providing an inspiring landscape more than others-- Anything from a coastline to cityscape)
-Access/availability of foundries and inudstrial material suppliers
-Presence, if any, of repuatable museums, galleries and university sculpture programs
-Presence of other working sculptors, both local and foreign

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