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Re: The best display of figural sculpture.

I would have to say the public library system.

One of the advantages of living in a large metropolitan area is the museums availible to me. (Tacoma WA USA) But I have been trapped in very remote locations by geography and disability for decades at a time. Yes a personal experience of viewing sculpture in person can be breathtaking. But the great works will find there audience mostly through print and digital media.

I have prints of Rodin sculptures all over my apartment. And was lucky enough to attend an exhibition in person. But for my inspiration I turn to Michelangelo as an example of communicative motivation in almost manic moments captured, expressed, and observable by the general public. Almost manic, this is key, I have learned as a medically mannaged manic-depressive person. Moments of intensity lived by all, but few are at home in them at all times.
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