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Re: Sculptors using others to carve for them

I'm not sure about your choice of heroes; Mellon was the father of trickle-down economics, which worked great for him - until they led us into the Great Depression. Morgan was the leading monopolist of his time; he did his best to corner the markets in steel, railroads, banking and transportation in general, until his wealth was equal to that of half the country. But both were great collectors of art, which is more than I can say for their latter-day successors.

We could have a whole thread on the difference between an artist and an impresario, I suppose, but Koons, like him or not, does put himself forward as a producer of art, and so, like Duchamp's urinal, should be accepted as a "ready-made" artist.

What would you do if called upon to produce a giant sculpture in an unfamiliar material - would you really insist on doing all the work yourself?
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