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Thank you Fritchie and CloudDreamer,
I know we are supposed to be discussing the topic, but it is nice to get to know each of you by drawing you out beyond the topic.

CloudDreamer wrote; This belief came about NOT through reading a book, but many, from searching throughout my lifetime to understand what my more bizarre dreams could thoughts come to my mind in the Dreamtime, when as a sheltered teen, I had never read or viewed any of these symbols(or subject matter).

In the words of a fellow student at the Art Institute of Chicago (he was a Psychology Professor too) "it comes to us through the airwaives. It is everywhere. We pick it up without even knowing we pick it up. It is auto-suggestion in it's many forms. Next thing we know, it's Gospel. Discard it as soon as you can." And so I did. Victoria
Victoria Varley
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