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I don't believe figurative sculpture is dead, but what it has left to say, can only well be said in the private, personal act of the individual viewer and the work.


This provokes thought, but surely it applies to anything labelled as art.
The comments on gesture, stiffness and expression are also interesting. It would seem to be the natural progression of realistic representation. Just as looking at dead people can be boring after a while, so too can looking at rather wooden figurative sculpture. Figurative sculpture is "accessible", most of the folks reading this are people and can relate to human bodies, visual communication hits a wide audience by using a familiar theme. As within each person is the capacity to communicate sensation and experience through body language, so too is the way open to sculptors to communicate raw or subtle emotion through this medium. The punters like it too because they don't need several years of art college to share some of the captured expression.
Logically, figurative sculpture should die around about the same time that we can abandon semiotics. I see this as possible, inasmuch as I can fully communicate with you, dear reader, through this medium of visual symbols.

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