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When is a figure a figure?

West - Good question. Someone asked Judith Shea, keynote speaker at ISC’s recent Figuratively Speaking conference on the figure, roughly “Can an animal be a figure?” This clearly took her by surprise, but she quickly said that it could, if the focus was on the “figure” of the animal, whatever that means. Clearly, I’m not trifling with her comment, but expressing puzzlement myself over the issue.

I would say, if you want to get conceptual about the figure, her own work with clothing is one tack. Something used by a person, or which relates to a person, could be considered figurative, it seems. And, since you mention stone, very abstracted form which suggest the figure would fit the category. Very early, Cycladic Greek sculpture clearly is figurative, but quite geometric.

I’ll stop here to see what others say.
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