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Most of my sculptures have started out as rather traditional "figure studies", but in the making I often recognize some interesting abstract qualities in the forms, or suggested by the character of the material itself, which take over the whole thing. The piece may eventually lose all of its "figurative" connotations, at least for most viewers, though for me there is often some element or appeal still based on the figure, that remains. I've also had the reverse kind of thing happen, where I started out with an abstract sketch, with no preconceptions; liked it; decided to enlarge it and make it in a more permanent material; and way down the road came to see "figurative" elements in it that I didn't even know were there. I have one piece in which several people, including one reviewer and the guy who eventually bought the piece, see "entwined figures" in it which I never consciously put there or saw there until they started talking about it. The point I'd like to make is that this is exactly what I like the most. I love to reach that point where trying to represent the figure ceases to be what it's all about. What happens after that is what's most interesting, and what keeps me going.
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