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Re: Sculpting Stand

Sorry I couldn't get to this sooner, as moderator of the thread. I was displaced from New Orleans with Katrina's flood, but now am back nearby, and am using a new Notebook computer.

I like BMBourgoyne's idea of a pipe-within-a-pipe, but there is a serious wobble issue with the tabletop and therefore with the sculpture, unless the two pipes fit together very closely. In that case, there might be issues with the two pipes getting jammed, or freezing so they won't rotate. Someone gave me a stand like this years ago, but after being frustrated with these problems, I just put it to use supporting one end of a table.

Although they're expensive, I bought about three of the Sculpture House adjustable metal stands (one at a time) many years ago, and I've been very happy with them. By now, one or two of them have worn at the top support hole and they tend to wobble a bit when rotated, but I correct this by inserting a bit of cardboard between the pipe and support surface.

Also, there is an advantage to using only three legs, as four will give your stand a tipping motion if the floor has any deviation from flatness. (My Sculpture House tables have 4 legs and exhibit this problem. I rotate the base until I find a fairly stable position, and then lock the floor rollers.) In fact, because of the wobble problem, I put a lazy Susan on the stand, and use that for rotation. I guess the end result is that nothing is perfect or lasts forever, so you just have to be inventive and do what works.

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