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Re: Sculpting Stand

BMBourgoyne -- I use an almost exact copy of your stand. The differences in mine are that I use a triangular base so as to not worry about the casters being level to eachother (keeps the stand from rocking slightly if the casters are a little different in height) and I also drill the holes in the Adjustment pipe so that it can spin freely. To keep the top of the threads (of the 1 1/2" pipe) from being damaged by that spinning, I have simply screwed on a 1 1/2" coupling. This gives a large flat surface for the height adjustment bolt to rest on. When it comes to really heavy sculpts however (like twice life sized portrait heads) I use a simple box type stand made of 4x4's and plywood and heavy duty casters. It spins easy enough when I need it to and serves as extra storage when I'm not using it.

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