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Re: Sculpting Stand (For wood sculpting)

Originally Posted by glassgirl
What about for wood working? what kinda stand/surface do you guys use? And how do you clamp and keep the wood from moving?
In my view, the best thing for this will be a stand-mounted vise, like the one pictured here. Notice that it has two locking pins - the top one is in a separate piece of tube that allows the height to be locked while the top continues to spin, and the bottom one fixes it to the base. This is much better for sculpting than a bench-mounted vise, as it allows you to spin the work, adjust its height and walk around it freely. The height adjustment is vital for back and shoulder health, because it allows you to keep the work at chest level so you don't spend hours hunching, bending or stooping.

For wood, I would probably make a bigger one with a more wood-friendly vise and a wider base.
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