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Re: Sculptors using others to carve for them

Great find! It's pretty common these days for "name" artists to have their actual work done by anonymous hands. Look at the ads in Sculpture magazine; there are many fabricators and foundries offering to take your model or even your sketch on the back of an envelope and transform it into a towering monument. Artists who've really struck it rich, like Damian Hirst or Jeff Koons, have "factories" filled with artisans cranking out "branded" work, that gets signed and sold with the master's name on it.

It's nothing new, of course. Master artists back in the Renaissance had a lot of assistants and apprentices to help them execute their visions; often the attribution is to the "school of" whomever. Especially when the artist works small in a medium like clay, like Rodin, but gets commissions for large work in bronze or stone, it's always been accepted that the actual work be done by craftsmen who would point up the model and carve the big statue, or produce the master for molding. In China, there are places which will carve your piece in stone for about what the stone alone would cost here; some artists I know have taken advantage of that. Of course, transporting those big stone pieces back to the States cost a bit more...

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