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Re: My first public monument!!

Mack, the camera does seem to be slimming him a bit. When you see the maquette in person, it looks right. I've checked the size many times and things look good, but every time I take a picture, it always looks slim. Once he's 9 feet tall and his head is 14 feet off the ground, maybe it'll look small. If I need to, I'll shrink the size of the head slightly during the enlargement.

Obseq, yes that's expanding foam on the armature. I want to bulk out the figure quickly and keep it light weight, as this piece is not only the maquette, but it's also a presentation piece to show the city council. It needs to travel around a bit and I didn't want it too heavy.

Clients coming by today for a final look. The meeting with the city is on the books for the 17th. That's when they'll give us the final verdict on whether they want the big sculpt or not.
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