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Re: Can't miss this art

This is actually a very important concept, so here are some further thoughts:

It is very easy to place a piece that does not harmonize with its surroundings. I think it is a disservice to then pass off the discord as appropriate because of the dissonance. Here are some examples of works that would be equally innappropriate to the site:

1. Precious Moments figurines enlarged to heroic size.
2. A Claus Odenburg- style toilet plunger.
3. A large crucifix.
4. A small crucifix.
5. A sculture of Paris Hilton.
6. A sculpture of Ironman in tourist garb.
7. A decommissioned anti-ballistic missle.
8. Any work of any style made out of scale to the site.
9. A leftover Soviet propoganda statue of Lenin or Stalin.
( oops, its San Francisco...that might work if the style fit...)
10. A comic book figure

What is more difficult is to create a work that harmonizes so that it elevates and energizes the senses because it is so perfect that it looks like it always belonged there as an organic extension of the site and the the architecture. That is what great artists can and should do. The work, whatever it is, ends up looking timeless because the intelligence and genius of the artist was at work, not thinking of glorifying his or her name, reputation, ego, and pocketbook, but selflessly considering what would harmonize with and strengthen the site to which they were given the privelage of placing a work of art.

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