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Re: Can't miss this art

Glenn I think you just reeled off ten great ideas. Your art doppleganger is rising to the surface. You wont be able to contain him much longer. Very soon you'll be drinking milk and beer all the time, eating Whoppers, lifting wieghts and sculpting abstractions inspired by a dog-eared snapshot of Ironman posing in bermuda shorts.

Fact is, the site should be hijacked by your sculpture. Your art should transform the place, make it something undeniably new, not just timidly borrow a little attention out of some submissive respect that other visual presences might seem to demand only by virtue of their history in the vicinity. It is your job to displace something at that site...starve another visual entity by stealing its gazes. It will have to fall over to get someones attention. And some punk in the future will do the same to you.

I bet Michelangelo never merely wanted to be in "harmony" with his sites. He always owned them forcefully. He wanted everyone to see what the future of art would be...him.
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